Digital Behavioral Health

Don’t face depression, anxiety, and substance abuse alone. Your care team is a click away.

“Nixit” aims to put an end to your depression, anxiety, and substance use with a “Hub” of care team members consisting of healthcare professionals, coaches and family members.

We provide whole person care through dual diagnosis and integrated healthcare.






Care Team of healthcare professionals and family members



Medication and refill reminders


Goal Tracking

Healthcare and personal goals management



Patient and Care Team alerts

Risk Management

Automated check-ins and risk management

Our Solution

For Clients/Consumers/Patient, Coaches and Family Members

  • Be supported by your Care Team preventing recurring episodes and relapses.
  • Create a care team of your choice.
  • Timely notification and alerts to keep you on track.
  • Reminders on your digital wearables to ensure a healthy and productive lifestyle.
  • Medication ingestion and refill reminders so you do not miss a crucial part of your recovery.
  • Manage and share your progress with family members, peers as well as coaches.
  • Timely screenings and check-ins to minimize risk.
  • Manage other chronic illnesses ensuring mental and physical health recovery.
  • Continue using during After Care.

For Providers

  • Create care team for each consumer.
  • Reduce no shows with reminders to patients/clients and family members or friends.
  • Automated mood check-ins to assess risk levels for scheduling timely treatment.
  • Provide care for co-occurring disorders treatments for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse.
  • Coordinate referrals and care with physical health professionals such as Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and Specialty Doctors while delivering integrated care.
  • Use datapoints for improved patient outcomes.
  • Stay connected to your patients through your alumni group.
  • Improve operational and financial management while delivering value-based care.
  • A digital health tool built for Mental Health and Addiction treatment providers, Medical Care practices, Hospitals, Employers, Health Systems and Payors.


We are a team of entrepreneurs, clinicians, academics, engineers, writers, athletes, yoga instructors, and more. We all have experienced feelings of stress, anxiety, or loneliness at some point in our lives without the proper recourse to manage them. We’re fed up with the lack of resources for the modern employee, and we’re here to do something about it.

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